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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 524: Operational Report: 14/05/43

Shanghai is visited by the Japanese at night this time, they don't like losing planes it seems.

Gasmata is hit once more, they have no way of repairing the damage really, but the Japanese don't know that.

The planes heading to Rabaul see these planes as they go to do their own bombing run.

The Shortlands battle speeds up now, the Island should be in our control soon enough.

We have a bad day at Cox's Bazar, losing two pilots. This is one of those occasions where the combat reports are wrong, as we lose three planes, not the two reported.

The first bombing of Maloelap goes out, the Zeros defending the island cannot deal with the huge Liberator bombers.

Lots of bombing going on at this time, and the carriers are going out to see if I can add some more ships to the tally.
The Yorktown and Wasp have both converted a squadron of planes to Hellcats, but as they will not be needed, I'm not going to be waiting around for them to be brought on line – that can be done at sea!