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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 525: Operational Report: 15/05/43

One of our subs is attacked by a Japanese patrol, there is some damage reported, but these subs seem to be fairing well.

Our bombers defiantly need more practice, thirty two bomb loads, totalling nearly 110,000lbs of high explosives, and we get one measly hit.

This squadron on the other hand knows what is doing.

We finally clear out the last Japanse defenders at Torakina, making Shortlands ours, and ready for the incoming fighters and bombers.

There is a fighter heavy attack on Cox's Bazar to start the day, our boys do their best to counter it, but there are just to many enemy planes for them to stop the bombers.

This continues into the second wave, where most of out planes decide to run to fight another day.

I need more fighters here, and may have to scrape around to get them.

Operations to secure the Shanghai/Nanking area continue with us taking one of the bases on the far side of the river, further isolating the Nanking forces.

A nice strategic day today, we may not be doing anything flashy at this time, but everything is a steady progression to victory – see I'm not all about sinking battleships.
Our score jumped by 835 points today, which I think comes down to securing a few regions, as ikt comes from a corresponding increase in base points.

I'm also changing my strategy somewhat, as I'm now moving the invasion of Kavieng up before Rabaul, this will allow me to further isolate it before the main assault. The troops at Port Moresby are at 60-70% planning for the assault, so I'm moving ships to the area to load them.

I'm also confused by the amount of supplies in Shanghai, as they may be from Chengchow in the north, but there is only one transport plane operational there at this time.
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