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Part 528: Operational Report: 18/05/43

Now this is how I like to start the day.

But the Swordfish is not done there, she doesn’t see her target sink, so she's goes around for a second pass.


Gasmata gets another hammering today by those Betties.

We hit Rabaul, and the inaccurate bombers do a little better today.

We fend off a bomber raid at Cox's Bazar, and take two of the attackers down.

The next wave is also seen off, at the cost of one of one of our planes.

The Shanghai Express strikes north in huge numbers again, I'm going to give the city bombing another go, while we have a surfeit of supplies.

The ground forces from Kuikiang move up, and although the Japanese have fortified themselves somewhat, we still make some ground.

The casualties in Sinyang are starting to level out, the Japanese lack of supplies are really going to start hurting them soon.

Our score jumps another 500 points today, which is a nice bonus, and puts us just 9807 points behind the Japanese.
The Express is going to hit Nagasaki tomorrow, lets see how that goes.