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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 529: Operational Report: 19/05/43

We hit Nagasaki, but the only damage our raid can cause is taking down one of the defending fighters.

There is a second wave, which also fails to cause any trouble for the Japanese.

Our forces advancing on Rabual have been blocked by a Japanese unit, and have
called in bomber support.

We also make sure that Rabaul gets a visit however.

The troops make an attack on the blocking force, but with both sides being fairly equal, and the terrain being in the Japanese favour, little is achived.

At least that is now 7,000 less Japanese defending Rabaul.

We have a poor day over Cox's Bazar, its really time to look for more fighters.

Just like the early days of Kiangtu, the Japanese at Hwaiyin make a futile attack on our forces.

And we strike back hard.

We jab at the Japanese south so Chuhsien, with some nice results.

There are some more heavy losses for us at Sinyang, but I'm determined to keep the attacks up for at least a while longer.

Not much to mention today, the Kavengi assault force is now loading at Port Moresby, the carriers should be going into action tomorrow or the day after, and things are all looking good.