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Part 530: Operational Report: 20/05/43

It seems that the Japanese are not fans of the improved supply situation at Shanghai, and launch an effective raid to counter the problem.

The Japanese seem to still have the same commander at Hwaiyin that they did at Kiangtu – one willing to throw men at a vastly superior force with no planning.

Our men need rest, I'm going to try and give it to them, but I doubt the enemy will be so obliging.

We lose all of those lovely supplies at Chengchow, along with two squadrons of transport planes. I knew they Japanese would be coming, but I didn't expect 113,000 men.

We now have two super stacks to worry about.
I hit the Japanese forces near Chuhsien again, the other battle to the west cost them 300 troops on top of the casualties seen here.

While I don't like the losses at Sinyang, with a huge force to the north, I have no other option but to continue the attacks or face losing the city.

The Express attacks Nagasaki once more, but cannot hit the light industry.

The air support for the forces advancing on Rabaul is very effective today.

More damage is heaped on the airfield at Rabaul, and it is not going to threaten the invasion at any point soon.

Especially after the carriers pay their visit to the area.

That's a fair chunk of damage dealt there.

Once more, battle is done in the skies over Cox's Bazar, and we come out on top for the first wave.

The Japanese offensive must be starting soon. With two 100k+ groups of soldiers marching around, they cannot be planning to maintain the status quo.

The Wake and Kavangi invasion forces are both on their way, and the carriers can support the Rabaul operations for several days yet, so we should see some further movement in our direction soon.