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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 531: Operational Report: 21/05/43

We hit the troops blocking our advance to Rabaul once more, causing more havoc in their ranks.

We also continue to bomb Rabaul, making sure they are spending supplies constantly to replace and repair the damage we are doing.

The Japanese troops attack at Hwaiyin once more – their hearts are not in it, they have no supplies, and no cohesion, but they still attack into our waiting guns.

The surrounded me at Sinyang continue to pit up a good fight, I will continue for one more day, and if we are not making a breakthrough, I will rest our troops once more. I can only hope that we are draining the Japanese supplies at a rapid rate.

Nanking must either be still receiving supplies, or have a massive stockpile, as we are still making no headway here.

I'm not sure what the carriers are playing at today, but lets hope they get back into action tomorrow, I'm not paying them to go on a sightseeing tour of the Dutch East Indies.