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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 532: Operational Report: 22/05/43

The Japanese love to have their subs patroling off the coast of Canada, which is odd, as barely any ships use that area of water, and the ones that do are hunting for subs – and doing their job very well .

I mean, seriously, what is there beyond ice and polar bears up there to ship out.

We continue our bombing campaign in New Britain.

Despite severe storms over the main target, our bombers continue to get some good hits in.

The carriers find and sink a small convoy – one freighter, one minelayer and two sub chasers. These ships are fleeing Rabaul, which the coastwatchers now say has only 22 ships in port.

Their not done there however, and also continue to make a mess of those 22 ships.

There is a raid on one of our unuses airfeilds, but we still have fighters there to protect it. Somewhat.

Heavy rain over Nagasaki prevents the Shanghai Express from causing the city any damage.

Even with three separate raids, we cannot hit their light industry – I shall switch back to heavy industry, they seem to be able to hit those facilities at least.


It look like the next supply run to Eniwetok is on its way, the pre meal entertainment has turned up.

Once more the Japanese throw themselves at our boys at Hwaiyin, and frankly, they are getting sick of it.

Our forces in the north are forced to retreat again, at least its not all 100,000 men on their tail.

Its defiantly time for a rest at Sinyang. Lets see how well they can repair themselves in a few days.

A nice haul of ships today at Rabaul.

The carriers near Eniwetok worry me somewhat, as I have an invasion force heading to Wake. I'm going to send them wandering the ocean for a few days so that the carriers can head home, there is no point in risking all those ships.