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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 533: Operational Report: 23/05/43

There is another night raid on Shanghai, but it fails to hit any of our bombers there.

Cox's Bazar has been quiet for the last few days, but that peace is broken today with another attack on the airfield.

I'm going to make an attack tomorrow here to see if all this bombing has had an effect on the enemy disposition.

A lone damaged freighter tries to slip out of Rabaul, but we send it down to Davy Jones instead.

Of course, your no better off in the port. Well, I suppose you are, you can get off your ship and watch it explode.

The invasion of Kavieng begins as well today, with some of the normal losses you see trying to secure a beachhead.

The Japanese forces make an attempt to dislodge us, but we hold, and with almost the same AV ashore in one day, I'm sure we will take this base soon. The carriers will stay on station to prevent the Betties from interrupting.

Not to say I told you so, but here is the latest invasion of Eniwetok – where we savage on of the landing ships.

We also have no problem with the few hundred men they put ashore.

There is yet another Japanese attack at Hweiyin – I'm not doing anything until those supporting units have moved in.

We collect the last Japanese base near Shanghai, leaving only the troops in Nanking as a threat.

We lose another hundred points in base points today, but gain three more ships, the one sunk today and two more transports from over the last year.