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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 534: Operational Report: 24/05/43

The Japanese try and land some supplies or reinforcements at Kavangi. Out ships send them running, but cannot engage without leaving their charges unprotected.

The response to our landings is to send in a large wave of Betties. Unfortunately for them, our Hellcats are waiting.

We hit the enemy forces outside Rabaul once more, causing more damage to them.

Rabaul itself is not left unmolested of course.

Of course, the carrier based bombers have plenty of targets to pick on.

The bulk of our planes go for the ships trying to land supplies to the enemy.

Annoyingly, the few remaining undamaged Betties from this morning return, and slip through the distracted fighters and land a hit on one of our cruisers.

We retaliate and wreck their supply ships some more.


ON the ground, we strike at the enemy near Rabaul, causing some losses – lets see how this progresses over the next few days.

There is a bombing raid on Calcutta. All my fighters are further south fighting the battles there, but the Japanese have not come this far north in a while.

There are clear skies over Nagasaki, and the Shanghai Express makes the most of them.

Four hits makes this one of our most effective raids yet. Which is then followed up by another successful, if smaller, raid!

We are forced to retreat by the southern superstack.

We had a good day, a nice number of ship kills has been added to our tally, and we've not lost any in a long time.

Eleven ships is a nice haul, with others damaged. The cruiser hit today is still in action, if quite badly damaged.

Hey, at least its not a battleship.