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Part 535: Operational Report: 25/05/43

A small Japanese ship makes an attack on our ships unloading at Kavengi, possibly hoping to make a torpedo attack on the transports. The Newcastle makes it a short attack with a single volley from her guns.

Another ship arrives an hour later, and the Newcastle picks her off as well.

We hit the enemy outside of Rabaul once more.

The carriers continue to entertain themselves by picking off fleeing transports.

The Japanese really cannot sustain these losses on their merchant marine. Every ship lost is us one step closer to starving them out.

Of course, we also need to take their warships out.

Like that.
We continue to push on the enemy near Rabaul.

At Kavengi, we're facing a heavily dug in Japanese force, its going to take us some more time to force them out, and I'm going to wait for our men to come ashore in more numbers.

I will bombard them some though.

Things go badly for the Swordfish today, as she is savaged by an enemy escort ship.

We lose contact with her soon afterwards.
There is rain over Nagasaki, but there is now a rainstorm over the target.

After yesterdays raids on Calcutta, the Japanese return to bombing Cox's Bazar today.

The Japanese commander at Hwaiyin throws some more of his men away today.

They are advancing in the north as well, but its not their masses of troops – yet.

We take another good haul of ships today, and the Japanese seem to be fleeing Rabaul like rats fleeing one of their many sinking ships.

Losing the Swordfish is a blow, but we've been lucky with out subs so far, and we were bound to lose one at some point. - actually, that's something of a lie.

The Spearfish seems to hit one of our own mines.