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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 537: Operational Report: 27/05/43

The Betties come back for our ships at Kavengi, but the Hellcats drive them off before they can even get to see them.

They return in the afternoon, but the same thing happens again.

We smack the Japanese outside Rabaul around a bit more, making sure that they will be softened up for our men's attack.

The carrier planes cannot find any decent targets, so they content themselves by taking out a small ship with extreme prejudice.

They then bombard the base, causing some minor damage.

Our boys near Rabaul make another attack on the Japanese, but the enemy seem to be getting themselves dug in.

Have I said how much I hate Betties and their stupidly long range?

Because I really, really hate them.

The Shanghai Express hits Nagasaki once more, damaging a few of their targets there.

There is a second raid, which also causes some damage.

South of Chuhsien, the Japanese make another attack on our forces, and take some losses.

We attack to the east and cause some nice damage.

The casualties at Sinyang are slowly levelling out, but its going to be a few more days before we start winning this one.

We're cracking the Japanese at Nanking.

I'm missing my long ship lists, I kind of hoped for a good number of kills again today, but it seems that the enemy have run for me. The cowards.

Well, I do have some ships on the list, but not the ones I wanted. I'm moving two squadrons of Hurricanes to Calcutta, to try and stop this happening again.