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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 538: Operational Report: 28/05/43

The Sailfish uses up another of our dud torpedoes on an enemy transport.

The Shanghai Express sets a new record in damage to the city, as the enemy fighters have taken a day off from protecting the city.

The Wake attack force is closing in on the area, and the escort carriers with the main fleet make a sweep over the island.

The Blackfish takes out a subhunter, making the lives of all its fellows that little bit safer.

The Japanese make another attack on Shanghai, damaging the runway and taking out one of our parked bombers.

At Haichow our men hold off a much larger Japanese force, causing them some nice losses.

Then they attack them for some reason.

We lose a hell of a lot of squads today at Sinyang, but the casualties are continuing to level off.

At least we're starting to make rapid progress at Nanking, as the Japanese are now finally cut off it would seem, and their ability to resist is failing.

The Japanese come over Calcutta once more, the fighters I have ordered are coming by rail, so are not ready today.

The bombing raids around Rabaul continue.

They strike at the Japanese airfield, and continue to make it useless to the enemy.

The carriers are heading back to Sydney to rearm, but still add what they can to the chaos.

Our men on the ground need more support if they are going to advance any more, the Japanese are to well dug in now, and the terrain is helping them once more.

We have enough men ashore at Kavengi to make an attack, and it goes well.

That was a busy day for ground combat, with most of it going our way. Sinyang continues to be a blood bath, but I'm hoping a few more days of attacks will allow us to break them. Unfortunately, our men now need a few days of rest.

I'm loading some more men at Sydney and Suva to head to our forces outside Rabaul ¿ the plan I'm forming now is to avoid the naval assault and go in overland, neutralizing the enemy fortress's ability to damage our ships.