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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 539: Operational Report: 29/05/43

There is a fighter sweep over Shanghai ¿ these planes have taken off from mainland Japan.

They then follow this up with the bomber strike, we still claim a kill, but with our fighters have been reduced and cannot prevent damage to the runway ¿ although they do send some planes running.

After their disastrous counter attack, our men at Haichow are forced to retreat when the rest of the enemy formations come up to attack them.

Our men at Hwaiyin have had a few days resting, and have been reinforced by another Corps of Chinese troops. They launch their attack.

We finally clean up Nanking, wiping out the last pockets of Japanese resistance.

The attacks on their airfield do not stop our planes from making an attack on Nagasaki.

We send in a second raid, I might reduce the bombing height, but that may well leave them open to more attacks from flak and fighters.

We strike the Japanese forces outside Rabaul. There are some nice casualties today as we plaster their positions with bombs.

Rabaul is of course visited. This will reduce their supply levels nicely.

The Betties come back to Kavengi, but they cannot get through the flak put up by our crusiers.

We continue to reduce the enemy formations at Kavengi at some rate, the island should be ours soon enough.

The Wake assault force arrives, and the planes from the escort carriers deal with the enemy fighters now stationed here.

The battleships open up on the enemy, who return fire. I'm sure that there will be little damage to the big ships, and most of our losses are disabled rather than destroyed ¿ something that cannot be said for the Japanese forces.

There seems to be little resistance on the island itself.

I wish those fighters in Calcutta would get on line.

Ahh, Nanking is ours ¿ Well it was ours for a while now, but there are no squatters there any more. Things are really going well at the moment, Kavengi and Wake will be ours soon enough, and I can send more troops north. I have also isolated the 70,000 Japanese soldiers in Kiukiang and will bombard them for a time to bring down their supplies before trying to crack them again.