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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 54: Operational Report: 29/01/42

The Permit continues to have torpedo woes.

It seems that our raids on Wake have not deterred the enemy, as they have retaliated with a cruiser attack on Midway, lucky for us, there was but one tanker in the harbour when the Japanese ships sailed in.

The O24 puts a torpedo into a troop ship then slips past the escorting patrol boat and back into the night.

The enemy bomb some cargo ships just north of Java, but miss all of them.

The enemy once more try to storm the defences at Singapore, and make some headway against our poorly supplied boys.

The hunting Japanese ships claim another victim.

The enemy raid Prome, north of Rangoon, but once more our H81's are waiting for the bombers.

On the ground the enemy take Moulmein, bringing them within striking distance of Rangoon itself.

Bataan gets its daily visit from the Japanese Air Force.

The defenders at Clark Field are running low on supplies, and it is affecting their abilities to fight, so we take higher causalities than the enemy today.

Another odd day, where no enemy planes were seen at all during the morning.
The loss of two tankers takes us to over 2000 points in lost shipping, the enemy is currently rated at 1000 points, but that's just confirmed sinkings, I'm sure that its higher than that, if not at parity.

The raid on Midway cannot go unanswered. I have checked the supplies of the carriers, and they have enough for one or two more strikes, so I have ordered them north to intercept those cruisers.

Attack my poorly defended port will you?