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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 540: Operational Report: 30/05/43

The Japanese defensive guns are fairly silent today, it seems the battleships and the troops silenced them yesterday.

The Marines have a tough fight, but they manage to break down the Japanese fortifications, leaving the way clear for us to take the island tomorrow.

The Betties ignore our cruisers and strike at the troop transports at Kaveng.

We continue to hit their troops outside the port.

As well as delivering more supply sapping bombs to Rabaul.

We secure Kaveng, and send the Japanese forces retreating down the thin landstrip.

We can now move ships here and really begin to strange Rabaul.

There is another attack on Cox's Bazar, we drive the enemy planes off with ease.

We continue to butcher the Japanese at Hwaiyin.

Out of interest, here are the current strengths at Kiukiang. Lets see what being surrounded and bombarded for days on end will do to them.

Kaveng is mine, and Wake shall be mine in a few days, its only the assault on Rabaul that worries me now, but if I bypass it by landing nearby, even that city shall fall.

Kaveng already has some level bombers, and, more importantly, a squadron of Dauntless's ready to interdict anything trying to reach Rabaul.
My plans are slowly coming to fruition. This is worryingly competent for me, I need to loose a battleship quickly or you guys are going to wonder what's happened.

Look – I am the real Grey Hunter!

The Japanese are still planning an attack on Shanghai – if this is going to be an amphibious attack, then things could get interesting.

The “I am the real Grey Hunter” was written a couple of weeks ago, before I knew that I was going to be going away. Also it seems that this is the first day I corrected Kavengi to Kaveng.
Spooky how these things work.