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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 541: Operational Report: 31/05/43

The last fighters protecting Shanghai are taken out today.

They then come in and attack the runway.

We continue to grind down the enemy at Hwiayin

The Shanghai Express make another raid on the Nagasaki industrial sites.

We continue to bomb the Rabaul runway.

The Betties come in over Kaveng today, but the cruisers send them packing.

There is a smattering of fighting over Cox's Bazar.

Today seems to be unescorted bomber day, and our planes make the most of this.

We reconquer Wake once more. The few Japanese soldiers on the island out up a good fight, but the end is never in doubt.

Another major island returns to the US, and this will make the territory map that little bit neater.
I'm also sending more ships to Pearl.

And don't worry, their heading to Oak Harbour to meet up with a cruiser and some destroyers before heading out to the open sea.

I also spend a lot of my political points on freeing up ten squadrons or so of planes on the west coast – mostly fighters which I shall ship to Pearl before sending them on to where they are needed.