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Part 542: Operational Report: 01/06/43

We chase off another Japanese sub patrolling off the coast.

With our fighter screen gone, it seems that the Japanese are stepping up the attacks on the Shanghai airfield.

The Hwaiyin forces continue to lay into the enemy formations, taking them apart methodically.

I am worried by the lack of (-) Supply in Sinyang – how the hell are the Japanese getting supplies to these guys? By air? I should move some fighters (if I have any) up to try and interdict any chance of air supply.

We continue to soften up and disrupt the enemy formations outside of Rabaul.

I'm shipping most of the troops who invaded Wake back, and shipping in some fighters and bombers. I'm going to look for a new target for the Kaveng force as well.
As its the start of the month, we lose a couple of hundred ships to refitting. A lot of these are sub chasers, but there are a large number of transports, which will hurt my ability to make assaults this month.

Ahh, another month knocked off the calender.

We've closed on the Japanese by a net 372 points, but things have been fairly static over the last month. I would show you the number of bases held, but its not changed in the last month by more than two bases – I our direction, but nothing that is going to show well on the graph, the same can be said for the Base points graph, so I'm not going to waste anyone’s time by making them up.

Ground losses continue their trending, both sides are losing about equal numbers of troops (points wise) – but there has been little heavy combat outside China.

Some graphs can show a nice increase however. Our ship losses for the month have been six ships, while the Japanese have lost 31, mainly from their vulnerable Merchant Marine.

In fact, we lost 68 points of ships and they only lost 200. but in the long run, as mentioned before, this will help to starve them out.

I'm just leaving that there to make me feel happy. I know it means nothing.

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Finally the operational map, with Wake taken off it. And two months worth of data, because I was a bad, bad Lp'er last month.