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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 546: Operational Report: 05/06/43

The Sailfish is spotted before it can make an attack, but is able to slip away from the Japanese hunter easily enough.

I order a sweep by bombers deep into enemy controlled Burma to see if I can cause some damage. The results are what I expected, but it had to be tried to get some good intel.

The New Britain raid is a bit weedy today, but I'm sure they will pick up quickly enough.

The men the Japanese have blocking our advance south are in no state to stop our men from continuing on, but they pay the price for trying.

The Enemy forces at Kiukiang, although surrounded, are still insisting on bombarding our forces – although their aim seems to be terrible.

Our aim is not, but this will still be a long battle I think. I will try the first attack once their bombardments cease – this will be a good indicator of their lack of supplies.

Its nice to see the Burma advance continuing, I've ordered the men onwards now, and they are about eighty miles from their target of Prome now, so we shall see what the Japanese have waiting for us there.
The Wasp is the first of our carriers to receive some new toys.

These new planes trade speed and range for a larger bomb capacity, lets see how they work out shall we?