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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 547: Operational Report: 06/06/43

The Kako tries to either sneak into or out of Rabaul, but the Kaveng dive bombers are ready and waiting.

They try again in the afternoon, but are unable to hit her again – they do confirm she is still burning however.

The level bombers make another attack on the enemy outside of Rabaul – and you can see two separate task forces incoming with fresh troops!

There is another inconclusive clash in the skies above Cox's Bazar, this is the pattern, and seems to be set for now.

They do send in the odd wave of unescorted bombers to break up the monotony.

I push once more south of Chuhsien, but it does not go as well as I'd like.

Its nice to see my plan to take Kuikiang was successful, as those dive bombers will now help us to isolate Rabaul all the quicker.
Tomorrow will see the arrival of more of the Rabaul assault forces – cunningly dropped outside of Rabaul to prevent any fortress like entanglements!