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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 548: Operational Report: 07/06/43

The next waves of troops arrive outside Rabaul – the Japanese are going to be in trouble soon I'd say.

The bombers roar overhead in support, distracting the Japanese and keeping them pinned down with tonnes of ordinance.

This is the Allied military machine in action!

In addition to the Kako, it seems that the Japanese cruiser Tone is also in the area, and we hit her.

I don't know about you, but I find something ironic about a submarine named the Tuna.

At least she's effective in opening tin cans!

The Japanese make an attack on the advancing forces – They can't stop us reaching Prome, but they can at least make it difficult for us.

I test the waters at Sinyang, which turns out to be a mistake once more.

We are continuing our bombardment campaign at Kiukiang, which is proceeding at pace. This is an average day, and sometimes the Japanese reply, losing another hundred or so of their own men in the process.

Supplies are getting tight now, as the number of days they reply is dropping fast.

We also retake Suchow, I plan to move the men here on straight away, to avoid the Japanese counter attack that we all know will come.

Fresh troops are coming ashore, my plans are working! And no battleships are under threat!

Fear my 875AV with more to come ashore! A deliberate attack will be attempted tomorrow, and we'll see how that goes.
I hope this works, I have been over promoting it the last few days.

The Japanese are planning a counter attack on Kavieng, but we'll see if anything comes of this.