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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 549: Operational Report: 08/06/43

Another of our submarines scores a hit!

While the Shanghai Express flies over Nagasaki, but cannot score any hits.

After yesterdays bloodbath, I decide that Singyang obviously is not quite rubbled enough, and task some of the Shanghai Express to add to the destruction.

Even with the noose tightening around Rabaul, the Japanese still try and get supplies in. Kaveng continues to be worth the lives paid for it.

We ready for the assault on the ten thousand Japanese defenders outside the city with another aerial bombardment.

Well, it was ten thousand, it seems that our bombardments have reduced their numbers much more than we thought, and they are in no state to prevent our now massed force from pushing them back into the city.

Our planes arrive in Roi-Namaur, and the Japanese try and take out the airfield – we stop the bombs, but lose one of the new planes.

The fighting continues at Cox's Bazar.

Wait, Things are going to plan in Rabaul? This is worrying me. The troops there will now have a couple of days to reorganize themselves after the landings, then they will start the march into the city.
The bombers will now target ground installations in Rabaul proper, and we shall reduce as many of them to ruins as possible before our men get there.