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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 55: Operational Report: 30/01/42

The enemy have two cruisers in the straights between Celebes and Borneo, they attack and sink two light freighters they find there.

The Hermes Launches another raid on Watampone, her Swordfish getting some measure of revenge.

The enemy raids Medan again, causing a few casualties.

The enemy once more push on Singapore. They take heavy casualties, but at this point they can continue to wear us down with these attacks.

The troops retreating from Moulmein are harassed by an enemy raid, but the H-81's are there again. I'm beginning to love these planes and their pilots.

Bataan's bombardment continues.

The enemy's bombardment in Manila goes wrong today, as more of their own troops are caught in their fire.

But in Clark Field falls today, the enemy attacking the defenders in force, overwhelming the defenders of the airfield.

only two of the units surrendered, the rest have retreated into Bataan. Here they have a fresh layer of fortifications, if no more supplies.

We are doing well in the air, mainly thanks to the pilots of the H-81's operating around Rangoon.

Their rapidly turning into a nice crack unit, and we have three squadrons like this in the area.

There are no attacks planned on us that Intel can report.

The loss of Clark Field is a blow, now we have only Manila and Bataan as major bases in the Philippines.

Both are low on supplies, we now have 25,000 men defending Bataan and 22,000 in Manila. But there is little else we can do for them.

The cruiser task force and the Hermes have been sent north to where the Japanese cruisers sank those ships today.
They will be long gone I expect, but at least I can try and get them to engage.