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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 553: Operational Report: 12/06/43

There is a night raid on Shanghai, heaping more damage onto the airfield.

Our submarines are having a good time around Japan recently.

I really need to think about reducing the airfields on Maleolap now, the Japanese there are getting a bit active.

The Vengeances hit a Japanese ship. There will be little chance of this one staying afloat.

We continue to lay into the defenders of Rabaul. There are still no ideas on enemy casualty levels, but this has to be draining their supplies quickly.

The carriers pick off the few remaining ships in the area.

As do the Kaveng bombers,

And when there are no ships to hit there is always the runway.

This was a rare day with no ground combat anywhere. Well none of importance – there are a few small units on the Mongolian boarder that are dukeing it out, but with less than ten casualties a day on either side, they are not major fronts.
As someone mentioned in the thread, the Essex is getting a new captain today.

A great leader with great naval and air skills, if not that aggressive, Buckmaster will massively inspire our men to sink any Japanese ship they come across.