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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 561: Operational Report: 20/06/43

Shanghai is bombed once more, but the Flak there manages to claim its first victim amongst the enemy planes.

Our forces at Kweiteh are unable to flee the scene before the superstack arrives, and they pay dearly for their sloth.

We get a small measure of revenge on the coast, but nothing near compensation.

We only see one plane above Alingalaplap today, but it makes a good showing for itself.

It seems that Aclan is having a dammed good day however.

For anyone worried that the Kiwi's are not making enough of a showing in the war – here they are!

Oh my god! The Japanese have sent a carrier after my crabs!

Wait, that's not what it sounds like.

There is another inconclusive day of fighting over Cox's Bazar.

Todays main news is this.

I've just got the increase of 200 ship points on the ops report and the +1 ship there as well, so this one is confirmed. So it looks like I got at least one kill from that battle – now we need to confirm the larger ship as well.

We also seem to have gotten one of the tankers torpedoed in the last few days.

I'm a little confused by the Japanese carrier in the north there, but I'm sure it'll turn around – it can't have much fuel left, and that's a long way to go to bomb a worthless target.