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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 565: Operational Report: 24/06/43

Okay, so maybe I moved to many fighters out of Chittagong.

And they don't seem to want to fly out of their new home.

I'm really starting to hate the I-6 – she's good at avoiding the sub hunters.

Our boys reach Prome – the Japanese have level three fortifications, but that does not even slow our advance.

A enemy submarine makes an attack on our carriers, but cannot get past the destroyer screen.

The bombs, they keep on falling.

Once more our boys are forced to retreat from the presence of a large Japanese force.

I have to say, I expected more resistance at Prome, but I'm not complaining, its onwards towards Rangoon now, if this is the best they have then we can take the city, even if its not, then we can pin them until the rest of the reinforcements can catch up.

The other thing of interest is the 167 Operational losses – something major just went wrong for them, and I have no idea what.