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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 570: Operational Report: 29/06/43

The bombing of Rabul continues, but now we have men on the ground – we can't seem to hit them still though.

The Betties are back over our supply transports.

The 41st Division at Rabaul bombards the enemy, this may not cause any damage, but it gives us an idea of their strength – if this is their total AV, then they are in serious trouble.

The Shanghai Express goes out to Sinyang, but cannot seem to hit anything – a common problem with our bombers at this time it seems.

The airfield at Prome is bombed again, but the Japanese have to fly through thick flak to get there, and pay the price.

It looks like the next thing on our social calender is the conquest of Rabaul, as soon as we can move some more troops up to cope with any fortifications in the area.

And of course, the Japanese will be delivering some more supplies to Eniwetok.