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Part 572: Operational Report: 01/07/43

A Japanese submarine is spotted off the West Coast ¿ and like all submarines off the West Coast, it is depth charged!

This is annoying, there are a least six fighter squadrons in this base ¿ and apparently none of them can get planes into the air.

I'll have to sort this.

Sinyang is bombed once more.

While one of the superstacks has marched north the Sian and takes the city.

There is another raid on Rio-Namaur, which takes out another of our planes.

I'm not sure why the Japanese have sent that many troops that far north, but I'm not complaining. It takes some of the pressure off Sinyang, and gives us a better chance to reduce them there ¿ our AV there is now twice the Japanese score.

Its been a good month for us.

We have gained on the Japanese score by a whopping 1,400 points in the last month, and it is the first month where our daily score change was mostly positive.
We may have only gained three bases, but we've moved on many more, and of course, there was that little battle off Truk.

On the ground, things continue to go our way ¿ it may look like a little blip at the end of the chart, but our losses are levelling out, while the Japanese losses are climbing ¿ we lost halve the Japanese 600 points of troops over the month, and only the massive early war losses keep this graph from looking much more even.

Ship losses have been relatively quiet, in number, the Japanese lost two more than us at 21.

Points wise its a little better, with us once more coming in at half of their 300 points off loss ¿ and this is with a number of the carriers yet unconfirmed sunk.

There is no territory map this month, asb ut has not changed enough ¿ but there are big things on the horizon.