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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 573: Operational Report: 02/07/43

So you know I said I had six squadrons of fighters that were doing nothing? Guess which idiot had them all still on training missions?

That's so much better. There were also some bombers I set on ground bombardment but didn't set a target ¿ their commander decides that some of the enemy near Port Moresby need a good bombing.

Sinyang is bombed once more. There can't be more than two buildings left standing in the city at this point.

Prome is bombed once more, and the flak damages a load of planes, but cannot bring any down today.

Nothing but bombing going on at this time, but things are moving forward. Someone mentioned I should reclaim the bases in Alaska, so I've set some troops planning to do this.

That looks good however. The number of ships sunk has also changed, which means she is now confirmed!