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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 574: Operational Report: 03/07/43

The Japanese start the day with a raid on Ledo, my Chinese supply base.

The Japanese hit Shanghai once more – as you may have noticed, the threat from the Shanghai Express is pretty much over, but the Japanese don't know that.

While that superstack in the north continues to march north, and away from my main troop concentrations.

The skies over Rabaul continue to get busier and busier as the days go on.

The forces advancing on Rabual are now only two miles away, so the battle for the city will be beginning soon. Hopefully we'll see something of a break from this dry spell.

As you can guess, I was away this weekend. Having the tank driving experience my family got me for my 30th in January (January not being good tank driving weather.) - well, actually it was a turreted APC, but most people wouldn't make that distinction.
I may post pictures, if your lucky.