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Part 579: Operational Report: 08/07/43

Once again, there is little one fighter can do in the air above Shanghai.

This is of course the precursor to another bombing run on the airfield.

Ledo gets another Betty visit. The runway remains operational however, thank god the Japanese don't have any proper strategic bombers.

The Betties operating out of New Guinea hit Kaveing, our fighters try and run some interdiction, but there are to many enemy planes, and we take some damage. We still come out on top however, and we have the engineer units here to repair the damage.

I guess that the Japanese spy in this thread is working overtime, as I did not even mention the six squadrons of Liberators I sent to the airbase to bomb Truk. Of course, most of these planes are moving today, and will not be ready until tomorrow. For today, we only have two squadrons to play with.

Yeah, tomorrow could be fun.

I'm going to re-task these bomber to begin pounding the minor invasion sites I have planned, but for now, this is still an impressive sight.

Despite the mounting damage to their home base, and the lack of supplies, the Shanghai Express still occasionally makes life difficult for the citizens of Nagasaki.

So the softening up of Truk begins, and begins well. Lets see how the defenders cope with the constant bombing runs by liberators. I'm splitting them between port and airfield, so any planes there will have little chance of taking off, and we can try and knock out the major and important port there.
This is the icing on the cake for the day.

Yes, she's only 215 tonnes, yes her main weapon in an 80mm cannon and some depth charges, yes she's only worth one point, but god dam, it feels good to get a kill with a level bomber.

GAH! this has been my worse week for LPing ever! I'm massively sleep deprived, and its starting to show.