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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 583: Operational Report: 12/07/43

The Japanese try and bomb the Kavieng runway again, but our fighters turn away most of them – the eight that get through do cause some damage however.

Our own attack on Aitape suffers a similar fate.

Another destroyer at Truk takes a hammering from our bombers.

Our advancing forces in Burma are bombed, but the damage is minimal.

I'm just moving things around at the moment, the only thing of note is that these guys are going out.

Yes, this is now a British Task force.

And, as I just got my disk today, here are some pictures of me in a tank APC.

Note, I am not the reflective shade looking instructor who manages to get into every photo as if he's posing - seriously, I have 178 of these things, and hes in every one looking at the camera.