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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 586: Operational Report: 15/07/43

We are attacked at Ailingalaplap. But there are planes from our newly arrived carriers in the area.

Its the same story at Roi-Namur as well, where we take out a Zero.

This is a new target for our bombers.

The attacks at Sinyang will be called off, as we now have low supplies, and we will just be throwing away men.

We also secure Nanyang, which the Japanese have left undefended.

The Japanese get annoyed with us bombing their airfield, and hit at Rabaul – but our fighters turn them back with no damage.

The I-4 takes out one of its threats on the West coast. I missed the actual torpedo strike as my image capture program crashed.

I wonder where my Truk bombing runs have gone? I want that place levelled.