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Part 589: Operational Report: 18/07/43

The bombing runs over Wuchang continue, we lose some of our transport planes – supplies to Sinyang are being threatened!

We are delivering bombs to the city still.

We continue to protect our forces in Rabaul by bombing Aitape, what I'm assuming is the major Japanese airbase in the region.

At Truk, we apparently hit the Yugure for the third day in a row.

The Betties attack Rabaul, and get through our fighter screen.

That's painful, at least the bombers don't get out unscathed.

Look – Baufighters! Even these fan favourite don't stop the Japanese from returning in the afternoon however.

Once more the skies over Nagasaki continue to darken with our planes. Unfortunately the bombs continue to miss.

So, lets have a quick look at the Beufighters stats, as people seem to be in love with it.

The real thing with these guys is the four 20mm cannons and the 250lb bomb, making them good damage dealers.

Oh yeah, and I now have troops less than 40 miles from Rangoon.

As well as a new fleet carrier. But look guys! Beufighters!