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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 59: Operational Report: 03/02/42

The raids over Singapore are answered with flack, and one of the enemy planes pays the prices, crashing into the ground in a fireball.

We have a problem though, as the enemy carriers are back in force off the north of New Guinea ,

Looking at the number of planes reported, I'm assuming that we have at least two fleet carriers involved, and another lighter carrier. We may even have three fleet carriers in the area, more than a match for the poor Hermes.

The fighting continues to rage at Singapore, as the defenders lose some of their defensive fortifications to the enemy.

The Japanese Army also conducts another amphibious landing at Kavieng north of Rabaul, attempting to secure their supply lines to this important base for them.

The raids over Bataan hit the fuel dump today, although no much fuel is lost. At this stage, I Want them to hit the fuel tanks, reducing the amounts that will be captured if (when) they take the city.

Manila is heavily bombarded today, and we suffer heavy casualties amongst the defenders.

Bombers out of Canton hit some of our troops east of Kukong, there is little damage to our troops who are forming up to strike back at the city.

the brutal fighting at Pucheng continues, with the enemy still receiving the lions share of the casualties.

Pegu is taken today, and that means that the battle for Rangoon will begin soon. We have enough troops there to deal with the attacker seen today, but this will be the vanguard only, and the main force will be behind them.

Not much to say about this really, your standard day in all respects.

We do however, have another battleship, the Idaho - she's another New Mexico class, but better than nothing.

Like most of the other ships, she's off to Pearl Harbour to act as a mobile artillery platform, as I doubt she will get into range of enemy ships with the carriers around.

Well, those enemy carriers are going to be a pain. They could mess up our entire fleet in the Dutch East Indies real quick, and we have nothing in the area to combat them, unless we once again try and force a night battle.

With these ships in the area, its time to move the Repulse – as it will take three days to get her ready for the sea, and most of the repairs that can be done here have. So now all we can do is make a run across the ocean.

Although the Indomitable is now nearing Java, right in time for it to have to flee it may seem, its all down to which way those enemy carriers move.