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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 591: Operational Report: 20/07/43

Another day begins with a night attack on Wuchang. I need to see if I have any fighters in the area I can try on night operations.

We drive off another batch of enemy fighters and land some more bombs on target over Nagasaki. It seems that the Express are picking up the pace once more.

Our forces near Rangoon come under bomber attack, but they put up enough flak to limit the damage and put some of the enemy planes out of action.

Note that these planes are not coming from Rangoon, the enemy must have already abandoned the airfield here.
To the north, our secondary force attacks the enemy forces that once defended Prome. The are in for a hard fight, but they should pin that force in place.

Our carriers are at Truk, and make their first attack. The much hit Yugure is finished off, and we put some more damage onto the facilities there.

It looks like there is not much extra damage the carriers can inflict on Truk, but at least they are adding more damage to the total.