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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 592: Operational Report: 21/07/43

Another raid on Aitape brings some nice results. Still not enough knocked out Betties for me though.

We then hit Truk once more, this time, there is no lone destroyer to distract our bombers.

Although we see less effect from our bombing carrier based planes.

The Shanghai express are going through a good phase – this is their third day in a row hitting their target.

Our dive bombers in the Marshalls finally start to do their job today, interdicting supplies to Maleolap.

We attack south of Prome once more, with better results today.

These troops will now spend several days resting before trying again.

We should finally see some action in China tomorrow, as we now have the 30 units near the coast surrounded.

Run away now, I dare you.

Oh, hi Mr fleet carrier, nice to meet you.