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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 593: Operational Report: 22/07/43

I've ordered the carriers to go north of Truk to see if they can get any incoming cargo ships. What they find instead is a mass of enemy planes incoming.

The CAP is quickly reinforced, and soon the tide turns against the Japanese

They manage to land a few small bombs on the West Virginia, but no explosions are reported, and we have slaughtered the incoming planes.

There is another wave, but these are level bombers, and are seen off, although we do lose a few more planes.

I seem to have stirred up something of a hornets nest here, as another raid comes in and meets the same fate as the others.

The afternoon comes around, and the Japanese try again, this time we begin to take our toll on the enemy fighters as well as their bombers.

Of course, this is not to say that in all the excitement, Truk is forgotten.

Near Finschhafen, the Beufighters take on a couple of Japanese ships, hitting both.

More bombs fall on Aitape, and more enemy planes are reported as being destroyed.

Another good day for the Shanghai Express as the damage to Nagasaki's heavy industry mounts.

The attack on the coast goes in, and the Japanese forces buckle under the blow.

Well, that was a fun day, with our forces bagging enemy planes at a rate of six to one – this is including all losses. When you compare air to air losses, we came out at twelve to one. Today bagged us 112 points, and takes us to within spitting distance of the 9,000 point barrier of the Japanese lead.

We also now have troops in Rangoon, they are low on supplies, but I hope that they can at least make a dent into the enemy forces here.
I have set up something of an airsupply line, but I doubt it will be of much use, I can see a long battle starting here.

Sorry for the lateness, my net crapped out on me last night.