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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 594: Operational Report: 23/07/43

The bombing of Wuchang continues, the bombers here are being used as supply transports, but I may well need to move them out soon enough.

At the coast, its really just a mopping up opearation now, the remaining Jaapanese in the pocket have nowhere to run, and nothing to fight with, we will be cleaning up all thirty of these units in the next few weeks at worse.

An attack in launched on Akyab, but we have plenty of planes waiting for them.

The Japanese throw more planes at our men in Rangoon, but the Flak awaits them.

The men go in for their attack, and I brace for the worse, the city is bound to be heavily fortified.

That's it? Yes they have level six forts, but only 18,000 men with an AV one seventh of mine. It seems that the battle for Rabaul may not be a long one – It all depends on how well those men can hang on to their forts.

Another raid on Aitape gets us some results. Several Betties are reported damaged as well.

I'm going to give the Truk bombing a rest, as we need time to repair up our planes.

The carriers have found little of worth in the area, and are heading home to refuel before we send them out to support the assault.

The Express continues to make a nuisance of itself over Japan. These points may not be much, but they are good for reducing the enemies capacity somewhat, as well as burning supplies for constant repairs.

So Rangoon is all but undefended. I did not expect that, but I suppose all those troops in China have to come from somewhere, and Burma is harder to reinforce. If I can recapture Rangoon in 1943, I will be happy. Historically, It was retaken in May 1945.

Today also sees us coming within 9,00 points of the Japanese score, we now stand at 8985 behind.

We now have two Yorktowns, I'm swimming in carriers.