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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 595: Operational Report: 24/07/43

The runway at Wuchang is now inoperable, but the Japanese seem to want to make sure that I don't repair it.

A shock attack near the coast goes spectacularly well.

Akyab is hit once more. To the south you can see that the planes are operating from bases around Rangoon, once they have been taken, I will be able to gain air superiority in Burma and clean up those deep bases without the fear of Japanese bombers.

The second strike it met like the first, but the slower Nates are much easier pray.

The Rangoon defenders are already starting to crack, we reduce their defences, and destroy on of the defending units.

No hits for the Express today, and we lose a valuable plane.

Rangoon is going down, I have a large number of Japanese units trapped and being destroyed, and troops are loading to take a small island in the DEI.
Things are going a little to well.

Tomorrow! Eighty Japanese carriers off San Francisco!

Once again I preempt the threat weeks in advance.
in other news, the buffer now stands at a shocking 33 days!