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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 596: Operational Report: 25/07/43

At Wuchang, the Japanese switch their targets from the airfield to the river docks.

While at the coast, we continue to methodically take the Japanese there apart.

I forget to take the bombers off the Truk mission, and they make another attack on the port.

The Betties try to disrupt our attacks on Rangoon once more, but they are seen off by a barrage of fire.

The Japanese AV at Rangoon has halved in the last few days, and we reduce their forts down some more, making the few remaining troops more vulnerable.

At this rate, Rangoon should be ours within the week, barring any last minute reversals or enemy reinforcements.

We get a final confirmation on one of the Japanese carriers.

The Invasion force for Umboi is now leaving port as well, this is a test of our new landing capability.