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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 597: Operational Report: 26/07/43

Bombers are seen over Akyab, but our fighters cannot deal with their numerous escorts.

The next wave we are ready for, but it is still a hard days fighting.

But the enemy continue to throw planes forwards, and by the third wave, we are outclassed once more.

They hit Chittagong as well, but the planes there are much better off, and there is a lack of enemy fighter escorts.

At Rangoon, we continue to cripple the enemy forces, their AV is now down to just 80.

To the north, we also continue to break down their only other major force in the area.

Even further north east, we take a base from the enemy cutting one of their supply lines to central Burma.

The Aitape raid scores another decent hit on the airfield, and removes another Betty from the world.

That was a busy day in Burma, but its going our way, mostly. Rangoon will take a shock attack tomorrow, as I think the AV difference is enough for us to shatter their fortifications with minimal losses.

Yes intelligence. There are radio transmissions for Eniwetok – THOSE ARE OUR GOD DAMMED MEN YOU IDIOTS!

Also - WITE has a fairly good AI - It will abandon bulges that it thinks are to dangerous, and is good at spotting your week spots, but yeah, its not going to go for any big pockets.