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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 599: Operational Report: 28/07/43

Troops continue to come ashore at Umboi, reading for the assault.

The Betties try to oppose this landing, but the CAP sees them off.

The are late in the afternoon, and one of the transports pays for it.

The battle is one sided, and the remaining units are dealt with by attrition.

We trade planes in an aerial sweep over Chittagong.

After this comes the bombers.

Rangoon continues to go well, but we cannot break the enemy defences.

The men near Prome need to rest for a couple of days now.

The Shanghai express sneaks in a small bombing raid – so small I miss the main screenshot by a second.

We continue to break the enemy near the coast.

Another Japanese base is in our hands. It may not be an important one, but its ours now. The men will reload onto the transports and begin planning for their next target at Aitape.
The invasion will continue forwards! And I will get those blasted Betties!