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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 602: Operational Report: 31/07/43

This is only a tiny tanker, but its a tanker none the less!

We see a relatively large Express raid, but it only causes minimal damage – at least it causes some damage though!

Without any ground combat, there are no other interesting raids to report on, and a very quiet day for us.
We get that tanker, but she's only worth 2 points.

Somehow, she can carry as much oil or fuel as she weighs. That's some dammed good technology the Japanese have there.

Pearl Harbour is bustling, we have two other Battleships undergoing repairs, but we now have two decent sized carrier groups – one operating in the DEI, the other out of Pearl. These guys are going to hit Maleolap again – at least the CV and CVL's are.

I move more troops and planes around – there have been a load of planes and infantry divisions arriving in India recently, so their heading towards the front lines. We should be seeing more movements from this direction soon.
As soon as I get rid of the neighborhood Betties that is.