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Part 603: Operational Report: 01/08/43

If your going to shoot at a destroyer, at least shoot straight!

At Umboi Island, our troops are loading back onto the ships. The enemy Betties are spotting coming in, and driven off quickly.

They try for Gasmata as well, but one plane here is enough.

This area is firmly ours now. And we're bombing the troops destination to make sure.

It seems that a few planes still wish to bomb Truk, despite the majority being on repair orders and awaiting the arrival of proper ground crews.

The little plane that was brutally outmatched.

The air battle in Burma is slowly moving our way, as we take major bases and move more and more planes into the region.

Although there are no shortage of Japanese planes still.

I try the attacking near Prome, but the men still need some time to reorganise it seems.

A busier day today, and we've taken another good toll on the Japanese planes in the DEI. China is not going anywhere, but the attack on the Coastal forces begin again tomorrow.

We've gained on the Japanese by a net of 483 points. We're still trailing by 8622 points. We've gained three bases on them and the base points have not changed.

To gain these few points, we have lost 250 army points, while the Japanese have lost men worth 378 points. This is a nice change of direction, but the Japanese really need to start losing at a higher rate for the numbers to start balancing out.

Ship wise, we have lost just five in the last month, while the Japanese have lost eleven. This equates to a little over a hundred points for us and four hundred and sixty for the Japanese. That's a nice difference.

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There is little change on the grand map, just a little place called Rabaul scrubbed off, new Britain reclaimed and a slight advance in Burma.