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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 604: Operational Report: 02/08/43

When I said yesterday not to shoot a destroyers when your not sure you can hit, I meant it you fools! Your lucky your not getting blown open!

GAH! That's it, my entire day is ruined.

We hit Nagasaki once more, the Zero's cannot stop out boys from hitting their targets.

Our ships are moving on Aitape, and come under attack by a number of Vals.

There is more fighting over Akyab.

The coastal attacks are back on track.

I hope our forces can reach Aitape without coming under any more air attacks, once ashore, we should be able to neutralize the airfield. We are going to lose the Rufus King, but the cruiser hit is showing no damage, so it must have been a near miss.