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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 606: Operational Report: 04/08/43

Our troops unloading at Aitape see a couple of Japanese cargo ships coming in, but the enemy turn around as soon as they see our warships.

The Japanese planes seem to have moved up to Hollandia, and continue to plague our ships.

The attack is a bit disappointing, we have the AV, but the enemy have the forts.

The Japanese continue to bomb Wuchang.

The grinding down of the coastal units continues, and goes very will today.

Cox's Bazar is hit hard – I miss another raid that take out 5 planes on the ground.

The battle in Rangoon continue.

Not much to say, expect the Aitape attack is costing me a lot of ships. And its really annoying me that I made such a stupid mistake. Coupled with the losses at Cox's Bazar – 16 planes apparently, this has not been a good day.