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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 607: Operational Report: 05/08/43

Cox's Bazar comes under attack.

The Men at Rangoon see enemy bombers, but they take no damage.

The attack seems to have stalled once more, and we need to rest our men up some more.

Our carriers arrive in the Maleolap area. Lets see if we can stop these nuisance attacks once and for all. - not that I've been reporting most of them, as their not causing much damage at the moment.

We lose Sian today, but with the enemy concentrating their forces in the north, this was bound to happen.

At the coast, we are finally seeing the Japanese forces come apart – remember, these 11,000 men are in 30 units.

The Aitape assault is a bit more vigorous today, and makes a good dent into the fortifications.

Things are looking a fair bit better today – we've not lost any ships. There is little more for me to say, the Liberators at Kaiveng are nearly repaired, and will be going into action soon.