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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 609: Operational Report: 07/08/43

The ships at Aitape are hit once more.

And again, We also receive reports that the Exeter has sunk.

Then we begin to hit Hollandia, the first raid is a success.

The next is less successful, but is at least some attrition.

The Liberators begin to pound the airfield, hopefully tomorrow will see fewer air attacks on our ships.

The Japanese retaliate by sending three Betties into Rabaul.

At Aitape, we clear the last of the fortifications, and are now ready to cease the base proper.

There is an attack on Cox's Bazar that is supported by a whole load of fighters. Our lone plane in the air has not chance.

Good morning Nagasaki!

I have no idea how they got so many planes into the air.

On the coast, the Japanese forces are collapsing rapidly now.

14 destroyed units is going to hurt them.

Things are pulling back into line somewhat now, although the damage taken in the last few days has taken its toll.

Commence your comments on me no moving onto cruiser after running out of battleships.

ignore any post you may have seen from the FUTURE!!!!!