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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 611: Operational Report: 09/08/43

Stop bombing my ships will you!

That'll teach ya!

I may well switch back to hitting Truk with the bulk of the Liberators tomorrow.

The damage we're doing at the moment is minimal, but at least we're keeping up the pressure – the carriers are having a few fuel issues, and are going to Suva to collect more.

The men on the ground continue to push forwards, I'm hoping for a general collapse soon.

The Shanghai Express continue to harass the Japanese, and provide a morale boost for the paper buying public back home.

The Betty bombers continue to bomb Wuchang and our supplies.

At the coast, the Japanese forces are pretty much just surrendering in droves now – the occasional hothead still causes us some casualties.

Our two fighters wisely run from the fifty enemy fighters, but the flak gunners stop any damage to Akyab.

Another good day, I think I've finally shut down the airfield at Hollanda, and its time to move the Liberators onto their main target – Truk.
I'm also starting the attacks up at Rangoon as well, we need to break the enemy down, they have more supplies than us, and we cannot risk them moving in reinforcements.