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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 614: Operational Report: 12/08/43

There are some Japanese ships in Hong Kong it seems – and one of the Dutch subs tries to clear one out.

Wuchang is hit once more.

Three more units collapse on the coast.

The Japanese get some Betties into the air to attack our ships heading back from Aitape.

Hollandia continues to come under bombing attack.

Unfortunately all this damage is not enough to put the runway out of action.

The attack on Truk causes limited damage, but at least its some damage.

The fighting at Aitape continues on in its slow way, the number of enemy troops is slowing down our advance, but the number of squads destroyed is always in our favour.

I lost my screenshots, but Akyab and Chittagong were attacked, we lost lots of planes on the ground, and two of the ships there were sunk in a Betty torpedo attack.

The China battles continue to net us a good number of points – the Japanese losses for this month are a nice four hundred points already.

This is outweighed by ship losses unfortunately, but at least there are less Japanese units to worry about.